Thursday, December 24, 2009

Rick's Cafe Is Open Again


Now that I have greater access to the Internet, I will have to make some changes to Rick's Cafe Texan. First, I went back to previous reviews and adapted them to the ranking system.

Second, I can go into the plans that my lack of access kept me from. I hope to restart my retrospective of Hitchcock films, the Harry Potter series, Star Trek films and the Best Picture Oscar winners from Slumdog Millionaire back to The Broadway Melody (hopefully Wings will be on DVD by the time I get to it). I also will review the nominees for Best Picture and see which one should have won that year, as well as in other categories. I will also work towards more uniformity in the reviews.

Finally, I will work to be more current when I write. Time has been a terrible constraint, and lack of Internet even more so. However, I now have hope that I can get things on faster.

Thank you to all who love movies like I do. Thank you for your patience. Wish Me Luck.

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