Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Summer Under the Stars 2023: The Catalog

Summer Under the Stars 2023

This is a catalog for the movies I will review for the 2023 Turner Classic Movies Summer Under the Stars series. Films with an asterisk (*) will be shown for that star's day. Entries with two asterisks (**) are television films. Random Harvest, reviewed for Greer Garson's day, will be shown on Ronald Colman's day. 

August 1: Lucille Ball: Stone Pillow **

August 2: Anthony Perkins: The Matchmaker

August 3: Stella Stevens: The Nutty Professor (1963)

August 4: Jackie Cooper: The Champ (1931) *

August 5: Errol Flynn: Too Much, Too Soon 

August 6: Debbie Reynolds: These Old Broads **

August 7: Robert Ryan: Tender Comrade

August 8: Joan Blondell: The Champ (1979)

August 9: The Nicholas Brothers: The Pirate *

August 10: Rhonda Fleming: Out of the Past *

August 12: Deborah Kerr: Dream Wife *

August 13: Paul Newman: Somebody Up There Likes Me *

August 14: Greer Garson: Random Harvest

August 15: Ronald Colman: A Double Life

August 18: Carole Lombard: Mr. & Mrs. Smith (1941) *

August 19: Fred Astaire: On the Beach

August 20: Barbara Stanwyck: The Lady Eve

August 21: James Stewart: Harvey

August 22: Geraldine Chaplin: Mother Teresa: In the Name of God's Poor **

August 23: Vincent Price: Theater of Blood

August 24: Loretta Young: Taxi! (1932) *

August 25: Ernest Borgnine: The Black Hole

August 26: Doris Day: Love Me or Leave Me *

August 27: Humphrey Bogart: Passage to Marseille *

August 29: Woody Strode: The Last Voyage *

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