Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Tenth Doctor: An Introduction

The Tenth Doctor:
David Tennant (Born 1971)

Once, Twice, Tennant Times A Time Lord...

My mother never understood my love of Doctor Who. She thought it was a stupid show and made it a point to TELL me it was a stupid show. She would also say that being ugly was a prerequisite to play the Doctor...with one exception. After looking at David Tennant, she decided he was halfway decent-looking. She still hates Doctor Who, but age has mellowed her views on the show from hostility to a cool tolerance.

David Tennant was a welcome change from Christopher Eccleston. This isn't to say the latter was terrible, but he was a terribly unhappy Doctor. Tennant, on the other hand, is for the most part quite jolly. He has a touch of Troughton: a sense of wonder about the things going on around him. He gets Pertwee's ability to be authoritative, even a bit bossy when the need arises. Tennant also brings something of Davison's vulnerability to the role. This is informed by the fact that The Doctor's home world of Gallifrey is supposed to have been destroyed (something I refuse to accept). While he is a happier Doctor than Eccleston, Tennant can also rage like the best of them.

I haven't seen all his stories, so I can't give a Best Of choice. However, I will say that Love & Monsters has earned a place for me as not just the worst David Tennant story, but the worst Doctor Who story of all time.  I hated it so much that I still have not seen Fear Her simply because it was advertised at the closing of Love & Monsters. The association was simply too awful for me to have anything to do with it. I also thought the battle between the Daleks and the Cybermen was not all it could have been. All the pity. I did think his first season (Series Two) was overall quite good.

Now, he will hand over to Matt Smith. I hope for great things.

Stories available: Series Two-Four and two specials, Planet of the Dead and The Next Doctor.

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  1. I miss David Tennant On dr who he is the best doctor ever and I want him to come back on and never leave it again


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