Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Doctor X 10: Thoughts On The First Ten Doctors

And Pretty Doctors All in A Row

Now we come to the crux of the matter: Who is the Best Who? I don't like that question. Each version brought his own interpretation to the role, and Hartnell, who originated it, didn't have the burden of comparing his performance with anyone else. Troughton brought humor, Pertwee: action, Tom Baker: alien eccentricity, Davison: a greater compassion, Colin Baker: a hint of outrageousness, McCoy: righteous anger, McGann a greater romanticism, Eccleston: manic moodiness, and Tennant: wistfulness.
Now, each has his detractors and defenders, but all I think did the best their talents allowed them to, with varying degrees of success. We can argue about individual stories, but that is another matter. Ultimately, Doctor Who the program will continue. What has kept it going for so long (longer than Star Trek)? For starters, you have only ONE main character to deal with, and you have the ability to go both in space AND time, so you aren't bound by the era or the area. Does it have its flaws? Absolutely. However, as a fan, I found it well worth my time.

In the future, I hope to write reviews on the stories themselves, but I can wait. I hope to have more time. With that, back to the movies.

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