Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mission Statement

Rick's Café Texan will be primarily a film review site. There are certain goals this site would like to accomplish:

  1. Watch every Best Picture Academy Award winner and as many nominees that are available to give our own impressions.

  2. Retrospectives on film series such as Harry Potter, Star Trek, and James Bond.
Now, Rick's Café Texan will also review every Doctor Who story available. Yes, I am aware that Doctor Who is a television program, but I do this out of my own pleasure.

I also will on occasion write on film-related issues, such as tributes to those who've passed on or are celebrating a birthday or private thoughts on current events in film. From time to time, I will also address general issues on the culture.

However, the primary goal of Rick's Café Texan will be to give views on films both current and past. I believe there should be a wide perspective when it comes to film.

Not every film should be a Bergman or Fellini film and should not be treated as such. I will look at every film based on what it tries to accomplish, not on an arbitrary sense of 'art'.

I hope that this site will be informative and entertaining, and I will always strive to do my very best work while giving my assessments on film and television programs.

Thank you and let's work to see this wonderful art known as cinema together.


At the request of the Online Film Critics Society, this site has been renamed Rick's Texan Reviews. Doctor Who reviews have been spun-off into Gallifrey Exile. I have formally expanded into reviewing television programs and specials as well. Those remain on this site, Rick's Texan Reviews.

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