Saturday, July 7, 2012

And Now For A Brief Intermission

This should be a brief post.

I have enjoyed writing my reviews and personal views on film and culture at large.  Film is something I genuinely love and I am a firm believer in free and open discussion (so long as one agrees with me...just kidding).

However, I have found that I have been neglecting my own writing.  I also have been staying up far too late putting these posts together.  Part of the problem is technical: sometimes my machine becomes slow, causing delays that keep me up longer than I should be up.  As a result, I am behind on my own works and now struggle to wake up.  When it took me well over an hour to actually wake up, I knew something was definitely wrong.

Something had to give.

After some thought I have decided to cut back on posting.  I had decided to do so after finishing my Spider-Man retrospective, and now that The Amazing Spider-Man is out I feel I can wrap up that assignment and devote more time to my own works.

No, I am not quitting blogging altogether.  I will still write, but not to the degree that I once did, at least until I get some of my own writing done.  Until I can get a better handle on coordinating my own writing with my reviews I will have to lessen my reviews.

I do have some previously written posts scheduled for publication, and on my sister site Gallifrey Exile I will still work to have my weekly Doctor Who review.  I also will continue my James Bond retrospective.  I have finally caught up to my original schedule, so now it should be two Bond films per month until Skyfall is released this November.

In short (but minus my height, when have I ever really been short) I will now turn my attention to my own writing and less to Rick's Cafe Texan. 

This isn't good-bye by any stretch...just an intermission.

To quote from the Bond films, Rick Will Return...

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