Monday, June 27, 2016

A Name Change to Your Favorite Film/Television Review Site

The Online Film Critics Society has issued new guidelines to all members (of which I am one).  In accordance with OFCS guidelines, this site will have a new name.

Rick's Café Texan will now be Rick's Texan Reviews.

The new site will be at, and is operational now.

For anyone who follows me, please update your bookmarks to reflect the new name.

I'll still be here, issuing honest, sometimes persnickety views on films and television, with occasional forays into culture (high and low).

There may be other changes in store for Rick's Texan Reviews.  However, the other sites: The Index of Forbidden Books (my book reviews), Gallifrey Exile (my Doctor Who reviews), and The Secret Archives (my catalog of reviews) remain unaffected for now.

Thank you all for being loyal readers, and now, welcome to a new era in reviews from the perspective of a Texan Hispanic, at times cantankerous, but who always calls it like he sees it.

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