Monday, October 7, 2013

Good Night, But Not Good Bye

I have made a very painful decision.

This may be the last post I make at least until late November/early December.

School has just overwhelmed me.  I could complain about it all (the professor, the course) but it won't do me any good except to get my frustrations out.  All I can do is do the work to the best of my abilities and ask for all your prayers.

I won't be retiring from posting.  No matter how school goes I shall return once it is over.  If there is free time I may come and put up a few reviews or thoughts.  However, I have to turn my attention to this particular course.  One of the two is very easy: I'm racing through it and enjoying it tremendously.  It's the other that is such a nightmare.

I figure I will already bomb the first part of it.  I can only hope to crawl out of it with a B, because anything lower and I have to retake it.  I've never heard of having to retake a course if you pass it with a C.

Well, to my readers, I wish you well.  I know I'll live past all this.  I also know I have to turn my full attention to school.  I can't believe I was able to pass in the summer with a heavier workload but am struggling here.  Who knows: the Lord may yet surprise me by letting me pass.

Anyway, that's all I have for now.  I will be back, that is certain.  I may even post between now and Thanksgiving.  However, I'll be very quiet for a few months.

Hope to see you all very soon, and God Bless to All.

Your friend,



  1. I know how that crazy college can get, I hope and pray you that you will succeed and pass your course.


    1. Thank you, James. I hope & pray for success in your courses as well.


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