Saturday, March 20, 2010

London Calling: Impressions of London 2010

Dear readers (whoever you are),

I am currently in London, making my lifelong dream of visiting The Queen come true (and getting lost more than once in the process). As it is, I may be taking a sabbatical for a week. May be, because internet cafés are a remarkable thing (although I tend to be rather cheap in these matters).

In any case, I hope to get back to work real soon. God Save The Queen.

Some quick thoughts on London: it's one of the great cities.  Everything can be found here, and perhaps it is my naiveté but I didn't find it extremely expensive.  I wish I had tried the Indian food, but one of my travelling companions had some sort of stomach issue and I was forced to have Pizza Hut.  Imagine: travelling all that way for Pizza Hut.

Still, I had lots of fun whilst in London, and wish I had participated more in things, been more outgoing, maybe jumped into the impromptu soccer game I came across.

Only I would wander into the British Museum and not realize it.  Seeing the Rosetta Stone was a great delight, and I thought about how, as a child, I was implanted with a great wish to see St. Paul's Cathedral.  I saw it indeed.

Next time, I think I'll go inside.

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