Monday, August 24, 2015

One LAST Semester

That's it.  One more time, the last time, and I'm done.

Yes, it's time for school once again to roar its ugly head and take away from more important things like these reviews. 

As if I haven't fallen behind already.

A lot of goals in the summer were not met.  I didn't clear out my DVR as I'd hoped, though I did do a good number of them.  That I blame partially on the baseball games too.

In any case, as of this moment I might not be able to publish as much as I want, depending on how heavy the coursework is.  Some semesters flowed by to where I hardly noticed them.  Others I was almost in tears (and for the record, I'm still mad about getting a 79.5 in one course rather than have it rounded up to an even 80).  There will be one week where I definitely won't be posting. 

That will be during the EOP (End of Project) essay writing, where I have to come up with three essays of 1,500 to 2,500 words in one week on three various topics of their choosing.  It's on a Pass/Fail basis, and if two professors vote Fail, then it's all over. 

Pray for me!

I have one or two pre-scheduled posts, but I cannot guarantee how updated we'll get.  I'll try to work some in whenever possible.

I think it's fair to let everyone know.  God Willing come early December, around the time of my birthday, I'll be at long last free of this burden, and this WILL be my last school experience.  Mom would like me to try for a Doctorate now, and I will...provided SHE does ALL the work.

I hope to finish this horror quickly, and have the best birthday/Christmas I've had in years.

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