Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Short Sabbatical

Dear Readers,

As you know, I love writing Rick's Café Texan as well as my spin-off sites Gallifrey Exile (Doctor Who reviews) and The Index of Forbidden Books (book reviews).

However, it has become apparent that because I spend so much time writing for my sites I have neglected my own fiction writing for far too long.  Having a computer that is starting to show its age by going painfully slow does not help matters.

For too long I have avoided tackling my writing assignments, always hoping that I could find time for them.  However, I always found time to review films, television programs, and books, and those hours could have been devoted to turning in my assignments on time.  That isn't to say I could not have balanced my time better then, but I'm not one to see the point of 'could of would of should of''.  What's done is done, no point of crying over the mistakes of the past.  The fact was I either could not or would not balance the reviews with the writing.

Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that the sites are taking far too much time away from my own non-review creative efforts.  With that, I am going on a two-week sabbatical from all three sites, using that time to finally force myself to devote those hours I spend here and there to shaping the story I should have turned in well over half a year ago.

This short period, from April 7 to April 21, is surprisingly painful to me since I derive great pleasure out of discussing film, television, and literature.  However, if I am to ever get my own work done, something's got to give.

Now, let me be clear (as our President is fond of saying): I am by no means retiring from or quitting my reviews.  Two Sundays from now, I will reevaluate where I stand on my works.  If I think I need more time, I will extend it another two weeks.  If not (the ideal scenario), I will return a'blazin' and with a song in my heart.

Also, I will not stop watching films or television programs.  I will continue to make notes on the television shows I watch (Bates Motel, Golden Boy, Elementary, Doctor Who) in preparation for my, return! (If you get the reference, then you're on my team).  Same goes for the movies. 

I do hope to return to you quickly, as I have scheduled a Superman retrospective to coincide with the Man of Steel release set for June.  Even that was scheduled to be at a leisurely pace: a film a week starting with Superman & The Mole-Men, an unofficial theatrical 'pilot' for the George Reeves Superman television series.

If by some miracle I find that I can finish my assignments before the two weeks are up, I will jump in with wild abandon.  However, I must force myself to stay away from the sites, because once I get distracted by them, I all but forget my writings. 

As it stands, I know that I have to pull back from my reviews to give time to my writings.  Until I learn to balance my schedule to where it will allow me to do more, I have to do less.

Until April 21, hopefully...



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