Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Have Plenty To Say

Like a bad penny, I couldn't stay away.

That might be mixing my metaphors, but roll with me.

I have done lots of work, good work I think, on my fiction writing, and as I come to the end of my sabbatical I will resume my work on my sites, though perhaps at a less hectic pace.  I will work to keep writing for my review sites, but also for my own work, hopefully keeping both on an even level.

What I learned these two weeks was to make some effort at equilibrium, not let one (the writing or the reviews) dominate the other.  Hopefully my new schedule will allow me to give both my work and my blog equal time.

My Superman Retrospective will proceed as scheduled, and I also want to give a belated tribute to Annette Funicello (all forthcoming). 

However, if I need to I will pull back.  I hope to learn from my mistakes and to make both my own creative writing as well as my nonfiction work something both enjoyable and professional.

Simply put, I just love writing reviews, and am so glad to be doing so.  However, I also rediscovered my love for writing, and will do more of that as well.

So now send forth the news to friend and foe alike...

Rick Is Back!

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