Saturday, August 31, 2013

Back to School, Alas

Oh, how I wish it wasn't so.

Well boys and girls, after three glorious weeks of vacation, just when I thought I was out...

Back to the old salt mines for me.  The Fall 2013 semester of my graduate school has begun.  The first official day was Wednesday, August 28, and ALREADY I had an assignment due Thursday, August 29, one of those awful 'icebreaker' things where I have to examine myself.  I'm not much for introspection, at least the kind that I enjoy sharing openly. 

Ah, professors...they really do think we have nothing in life besides their work.  I'd be more sympathetic, but I am the one staying up to two or three in the morning working on assignments, just to get up at 6:30 to get ready for a full-time job.

This little venture is already costing my thousands upon thousands.  Contrary to popular belief, I don't happen to have two thousand dollars lying around the house. 

I work for the government (read, poor...very, very POOR).

I'm given six days to get my hands on school books, which raises the cost considerably; well, actually six days to get my hands on school books, read three chapters, AND perform a timed quiz.  Of course, I won't get the books until Saturday, giving me exactly two days to read the chapters before said quiz. 

It should also be pointed out that I get out from work at 8 p.m. their time, giving me exactly four hours to work on said quiz...IF I made my half-hour drive home in a minute and skipped dinner.  A more realistic time table is to start at 10 p.m. their time...with the quiz due at 11:59 their time.

Such is life...

That explains why I threw in so many reviews in such a short period of time.  Truth be told, I enjoy writing my reviews much more than learning The Management of Information Agencies or Information Organization.

Well, maybe I'd rather read those than watch After Earth or The Host again...

However, as it stands my reviews might be more sporadic, though I hope that the longer semester (September to December) will allow for more time than the Summer (June-July...technically August but that was really the first week, where I bombed my final paper, an embarrassing 35, but I got a B in that class, and I never have to take that particular class ever again, so that's a plus). 

I will continue writing reviews, and I have a few already written and already pre-set to publish.  However, I will probably not be as proficient as I have been, so I ask for your indulgence as I work towards my Master's. 

And try to stay sane...

One piece of advise that I offer to all college students.  Take at least one day where you do absolutely no schoolwork.  No readings, no tests, no papers.  One day of total relaxation.  My regular day off was Sunday.  Sometimes I had to sacrifice a Sunday but if that happened, I switched it to another day.  If one worked every single day sans rest, one WILL go crazy.  This is why God instituted a day of rest.  I trust His wisdom more than mine...even though I often lapse to my own understanding (to my detriment).

In any case, I will work to keep reviewing films and television programs. 

And to aim for something higher than a 35.

Wish me luck!  

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