Sunday, April 4, 2010


Dear Readers,

I thank you for being so patient with me. As I look back I realize I've fallen behind on some things. First, it's been a while since I've written on Doctor Who stories. I would ask for leniency on that: the show did last 26 years the first time round. Well, I've started watching them again so I hope to have some before the week is done.

Second, my Essentials List is a bit behind as well. I'm going to pace myself and hope to be caught up also within this month.

I still have other things to work on: my retrospectives on Harry Potter and Star Trek films. All this alongside regular reviews. It's true: life is what happens while you're making other plans. Be that as it may, a little bit of discipline will take care of a lot.

Therefore, I will work at being more diligent in getting things done faster. In any case, thank you for putting in your two cents in.

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