Friday, March 28, 2014

The Very, Very Good Films: 2009-2014

While the B+ Films prior to 2009 were a small group, the B+ Films of 2009-2014 were a massive group: 43 in total.  This should put to rest the idea that 'they don't make them as good as they used to'.  These are also great films, though again, something about them or in them kept them just a hair away from being True Masterpieces. 

I think all these films are excellent and worth watching.  I'd be glad to watch them again.  The range is extraordinary.  You have comedies, dramas, documentaries, animated features, short films, science-fiction and fantasy (and for the record, the particular Harry Potter film found here is the HIGHEST-ranked Harry Potter film in the series).

With that, let us now look upon those that were great, but just a touch short of the finish line.

42 (2013)
127 Hours (2010)

Buzkhasi Boys (Short Film) (2012)
Earth (2009)
An Education (2009)
Ender's Game (2013)

Flight (2012)
Head Games (2012)
The Help (2011)

Henry (Short Film) (2012)

Inside Job (2010)

Life of Pi (2012)
Lincoln (2012)
Never Let Me Go (2010) 
Notorious (2009)

Oceans (2010)
Quartet (2013)

Rabbit Hole (2010)
Ruby Sparks (2012)
Samsara (2012)

Secretariat (2010)
Star Trek (2009)

True Grit (2010)
Uprising (2012)
Win Win (2011)

Next time, those that were Above Average: the B- Films.

Too High?  Maybe Too Low and they deserve to be Masterpieces?  Let me know and I'll take a "Second Look"...


  1. I was going to wait until next time when you post your B- reviews, but I figured I would go ahead and request it now. Take a "Second Look" at The Avengers, you massively underrated the film in my opinion. I believe you gave it a B- if I am not mistaken.


  2. Yes, The Avengers (the Marvel movie) earned a B- from me. Will do: A Second Look will be taken once both the listings and the semester are over.

    I'm trusting it's the 2012 Avengers you're referring to, and not the 1998 The Avengers w/Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman. That one earned an F (and I think I was being generous).

    1. Yes, Marvel's The Avengers, not the nearly un-watchable 1998 Avengers. And yes, an F was very generous. I still cannot believe Sean Connery wore a teddy bear suit in that!


    2. ...and that's the way Sir Sean Connery (and his teddy bears) have their picnic!


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