Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesdays With Oscar: An Introduction

Recently, the Online Film Critics Society decided to have a ranking of all the 85 Best Picture winners, or should I say 86 given they elected to include Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans from 1928 as a Best Picture winner even though the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences recognizes Wings as that year's only official Best Picture winner.  Sunrise had won in the defunct Most Unique and Artistic Production category, while Wings won the Best Production category.

They don't make it easy, do they?

I had already been working on my own Best Picture Retrospective, watching all winners and giving my own rankings.  That project is ongoing, with only I think nine winners I have yet to see. 

I was inspired by the OFCS project, however, to look over every year of the Academy Awards and make my own choices.  Now, let me be clear: I have not seen every Best Picture nominee and have been barreling through every Best Picture winner.  I also haven't seen every Best Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor and Actress, or Director nominee.  Really, this is just for fun, and as such should not be considered my final word on the matter.  Once I do get to see all the nominees of that particular year, then I will revisit that particular year and say which are my final selections.

Like I said, this new project, which I'm calling Tuesdays With Oscar, is just for fun, sometime to work on that will be less stressful during these months I am going to graduate school. 

I'm sticking with those six categories (the four acting, the directing, and Best Picture) because I don't feel qualified to select Best Art Direction or Live-Action Short.  However, I will touch on Screenplay and other categories as mood strikes me.

Every Tuesday, I will look back at a year and go over both the winners and my own choices.  My criteria for my selections involves which films/performances I think have stood the test of time and are still memorable, what the quality of the films actually is, and I suppose my own personal preference.

Let me say once again: this is just for fun and my own amusement.  I hope to revisit the nominees and give a more rounded answer.  For now, I hope to be able to make strides in Tuesdays With Oscar. 

Next week, we'll look back at the very first Academy Awards (the ones with two Best Picture winners). 

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  1. When it comes to lists by "film critics" you know the Godfather is going to be best in the top three. The only other thing more certain is death and taxes. But it is not a bad pick. After all, The Godfather is still a great movie. I could rant on forever about why The Return of the King is my favorite Best Picture winner, but that would be futile.
    Oscar Tuesdays sounds fun. I will be looking for it.



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