Monday, April 7, 2014

The Above Average Films Volume I: 1915-2008

Now we come to those films that I think are Above Average, earning a grade of B-.  I may concede that such grades are subjective.  After all, what really is the difference between a B+ and a B-?

For me, a B- film is one that is good, but not great.  It is better than average but falls short of being something that amazed me.  Still, I think that these are good films that should be watched.  I was surprised by the number of James Bond films appear on this list.  Given the ones that are on the other lists, I find the majority of the Bond films are quite good.

Bella (2006)

Dr. No (1962)
GoldenEye (1995)
Infamous (2006)
JFK (1991)
Octopussy (1983)
Peter Pan (1953)
Priest (1994)
The Sheik (1921)
Thunderball (1965)

Next time, the films that earned an Above Average grade for films released after I opened the café. 

Too low?  Too high?  Let me know and I'll take a "Second Look" at a disputed film. 


  1. Let's see, I agree with you on the ratings for most of the Bond films. Except for the classics like Goldfinger and From Russia with Love, most of the Bond flicks are good not great. I actually had much the same reaction to Casino Royale upon my first viewing of the film. Today however, I love it for the darker tone and that followed the book more closely, but I was almost disappointed the first time watching it.
    The only review I disagree with you about is License to Kill because I honestly hate the movie for being more a typical cliched 90s action movie rather than a Bond one. However, I do not believe it is worthy of another viewing. If I can think another film to add for a second viewing, I will comment. On an unrelated side note, since you also seem to like Hayao Miyazaki's work, I'd be interesting in reading reviews for any of his movies. Just a thought, although you have reviewed Howl's Moving Castle.


    1. Oh, I recognize that License to Kill in some ways plays like an extended Miami Vice episode, but I think Dalton did a good job playing a darker Bond before Craig started turning 007 into a morose man in SERIOUS need of therapy/antidepressants. I've also turned around on Pam Bouvier and thought well of the Villain. In short, I recognize the faults but still thought well enough of it to pass it.

      Regarding Miyazaki, you're in luck. If school lightens up a bit I will write my review for his final film, The Wind Rises. I have also seen Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away and think both are extraordinary works.

    2. I do agree that Dalton did a good job as a darker Bond in that one. I generally prefer Living Daylights for being the first mostly serious Bond. I will admit that I have a lot of negative bias towards the movie since my father has always disliked it (he's a big Bond fan) and he is the one that introduced me to the Bond movies when I was a kid.

      Sounds good! I will be looking forward your reviews of those movies. Agreed, they are extraordinary works, and both are some of my favorites, particularly Mononoke!



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