Friday, April 18, 2014

The Average Films Volume II: 2009-2014

As I stated, the C+ Film for me is one that is just OK, still good but something that could have been better.

A C+ Film is one that sometimes barely crosses the line between Good and Bad into being good.  Sometimes a performance or a story or even some special effects down to costumes can elevate a bad movie into being just good enough.

It's a thin line between Good and Bad, and a C+ Film manages (sometimes despite itself) to go into being, if not Good, at least tolerable.

Since I opened Rick's Café I have found 57 films that fit the criteria for a C+.  Sometimes it is a film I would say is bad, but it provided enough entertainment value to make it worth renting, if nothing more than to waste a few hours if nothing else is on.  This goes with my Philosophy on Film, that I should judge a film based on what it is trying to do, not whether I think it is 'great art'.

As I have said before, with some of these films, I know they aren't very good.  However, while I'm not blind to their flaws and faults they somehow managed to work despite their own ineptness and squeezed by with a barely positive review.

With that, the Films that Are Barely Good Enough...






Next Time, the C- Films, movies that I think are bad, but if one rents them, it won't kill you. 

Too Low?  Too High?  Are these Barely Good Films much better than I remember them, or are they pieces of junk that I missed the boat on?  Let me know and I'll give a "Second Look" to a disputed film.

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