Thursday, November 8, 2012

Franklin & Bash: Season Two Preview


Juveniles In Court...

It's another jaunt through the jolly world that is Franklin & Bash, the buddy-lawyer dramedy.  The antics of our favorite legal duo who are in a virtual permanent state of arrested development continues. 

The large appeal of Franklin & Bash is that these two appear to be the best of all possible worlds: men-children who haven't grown up (and no, that is not a Breckin Meyer joke) who are also so bright that they can afford to be paid well for actual positive work while having loads of fun. At the heart of the success of Franklin & Bash are Meyer as Jerrod Franklin and Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Peter Bash.  Perhaps I should say that the bromance between Jerrod and Peter is the key to the show's success; these two boys appear so juvenile in how they behave at work and home but are also probably two halves of a whole (though they'd probably never admit that to themselves, let alone each other.  Peter and Jerrod are not particularly introspective). 

If not for their rampant womanizing one might wonder how deep their bromance actually goes.

Franklin & Bash is the frat-boy dream come true: lots of money to go out and play and get away with it. Given that these two spend almost all their time together (they live together, work together, play together and given all indication that they've been friends since at least law school if not earlier--though highly unlikely given that Jerrod comes from money and Peter is more of working-class roots), it is as if their "man-cave" is nothing more than the extension of their college life going into their 30s.  Franklin & Bash is about the guys who know how to have fun who find themselves in the strangest environment: a law firm that takes things seriously.

Last year I opted to make Franklin & Bash one of the two shows that I would watch in order to watch more television (strange that I have to make myself watch television).  I only reviewed the first season, but now I've had a change of heart.  I figured since I've been reviewing every episode of Elementary, there was no reason why I couldn't review every episode of Franklin & Bash with a concluding Season Overview.  This will be the first of a hoped-for many, with other series like Heroes and Teen Wolf among others to come.

Since my DVR needs cleaning out I decided to finally get through the Franklin & Bash Season Two collection I have then go back to Season One.  I don't think I'll go deep into the leads: I doubt we'll have an episode where Peter becomes a born-again Christian or Jerrod has a hit-and-run that kills someone.  I also doubt Reed Diamond's Damian Carp will suddenly learn to love the guys.  If however, there is some change to them, I will make note of it.

More likely I will concentrate on the story and the guest stars rather than the leads.  However, I am looking forward to seeing our favorite fun-loving attorneys have another go at making fools...out of others while looking foolish themselves.

Next Episode: Strange Brew

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