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Tuesdays With Oscar: A Recap

If there is at least one thing that I dislike about school, is that it disrupted the flow I had on my Tuesdays With Oscar retrospective.  I went from 1928-1943, but I think that in retrospect I was getting myself in knots as well.

I have been reworking my retrospective to make it more user (and author)-friendly, but I think it would be a good time to go over my choices as I would have picked them.  With that, I present a stopgap in my Tuesdays With Oscar Retrospective.

Remember, these are unofficial until such a time as I watch all the nominees that year and can finalize my selections.  As always, this is just for fun. An asterisk (*) indicates they did win the Oscar.  When you see two names, the first indicates my choice from the nominees, the second from those not nominated whom I think should have been.


1928: King Vidor (The Crowd)
1929: Ernst Lubitsch (The Patriot)/G. W. Pabst (Diary of a Lost Girl)
1930: Lewis Milestone (All Quiet on the Western Front)*
1931: Josef von Sternberg (Morocco)/Fritz Lang (M.)
1932: Josef von Sternberg (Shanghai Express)/Tod Browning (Freaks)
1933: George Cukor (Little Women)/Leo McCarey (Duck Soup)
1934: Frank Capra (It Happened One Night) *
1935: Michael Curtiz (Captain Blood)/James Whale (Bride of Frankenstein)
1936: Gregory LaCava (My Man Godfrey)/Charles Chaplin (Modern Times)
1937: Leo McCarey (The Awful Truth) *
1938: Michael Curtiz (Angels With Dirty Faces)/Howard Hawks (Bringing Up Baby)
1939: Victor Fleming (Gone With the Wind)*/George Cukor (The Women)
1940: John Ford (The Grapes of Wrath)*/Howard Hawks (His Girl Friday)
1941: Orson Welles (Citizen Kane)
1942: William Wyler (Mrs. Miniver)*
1943: Michael Curtiz (Casablanca)*


1936: Alice Brady (My Man Godfrey)
1937: Andrea Leeds (Stage Door)/Billie Burke (Topper)
1938: Spring Byington (You Can't Take it With You)/Una O'Connor (The Adventures of Robin Hood)
1939: Hattie McDaniel (Gone With the Wind)*/Margaret Hamilton (The Wizard of Oz)
1940: Judith Anderson (Rebecca)/Carmen Miranda (Down Argentine Way)
1941: Sara Allgood (How Green Was My Valley)/Dorothy Comingore (Citizen Kane)
1942: Agnes Moorehead (The Magnificent Ambersons)/Dorothy Lamour (Road to Morocco)
1943: Katina Paxinou (For Whom the Bell Tolls)*


1936: Basil Rathbone (Romeo & Juliet)
1937: Roland Young (Topper)
1938: Robert Morley (Marie Antoinette)/Basil Rathbone (The Adventures of Robin Hood)
1939: Brian Ahearne (Juarez)/Bela Lugosi (Son of Frankenstein)
1940: Jack Oakie (The Great Dictator)/Conrad Veidt (The Thief of Bagdad)
1941: Sidney Greenstreet (The Maltese Falcon)/Joseph Cotten (Citizen Kane)
1942: Henry Travers (Mrs. Miniver)/Monty Wolley (The Man Who Came to Dinner)
1943: Claude Rains (Casablanca)


1928: Janet Gaynor (Street Angel)/Rene Falconetti (The Passion of Joan of Arc)
1929: Jeanne Eagels (The Letter)/Louise Brooks (Diary of a Lost Girl)
1930: Greta Garbo (Anna Christie)
1931: Marie Dressler (Min & Bill)*
1932: Marie Dressler (Emma)/Marlene Dietrich (Shanghai Express)
1933: May Robson (Lady for a Day)/Margaret Dumont (Duck Soup)
1934: Bette Davis (Of Human Bondage)
1935: Katharine Hepburn (Alice Adams)/Greta Garbo (Anna Karenina)
1936: Carole Lombard (My Man Godfrey)
1937: Irene Dunne (The Awful Truth)
1938: Wendy Hiller (Pygmalion)/Katharine Hepburn (Bringing Up Baby)
1939: Vivien Leigh (Gone With the Wind)*/Joan Crawford (The Women)
1940: Joan Fontaine (Rebecca)/Rosalind Russell (His Girl Friday)
1941: Barbara Stanwyck (Ball of Fire)/Barbara Stanwyck (The Lady Eve)
1942: Bette Davis (Now, Voyager)/Lucille Ball (The Big Street)
1943: Joan Fontaine (The Constant Nymph)/Teresa Wright (Shadow of a Doubt)


1928: Emil Jannings (The Last Command)*
1929: Chester Morris (Alibi)
1930: George Arliss (Disraeli)*/Lew Ayres (All Quiet on the Western Front)
1931: Adolphe Menjou (The Front Page)/Peter Lorre (M.)
1932: Fredric March (Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde)*/Paul Muni (Scarface)
1933: Charles Laughton (The Private Life of Henry VIII)*
1934: Clark Gable (It Happened One Night)*
1935: Charles Laughton (Mutiny on the Bounty)/Boris Karloff (Bride of Frankenstein)
1936: William Powell (My Man Godfrey)
1937: Fredric March (A Star is Born)/Cary Grant (The Awful Truth)
1938: James Cagney (Angels With Dirty Faces)/Errol Flynn (The Adventures of Robin Hood)
1939: TIE: Clark Gable (Gone With the Wind) and James Stewart (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington)/Lon Chaney, Jr. (Of Mice and Men)
1940: Henry Fonda (The Grapes of Wrath)/Joel McRae (Foreign Correspondent)
1941: Orson Welles (Citizen Kane)/Humphrey Bogart (The Maltese Falcon)
1942: James Cagney (Yankee Doodle Dandy)*/Fred Astaire (Holiday Inn)
1943: Humphrey Bogart (Casablanca)/Joseph Cotten (Shadow of a Doubt)


1928: Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans
1929: Alibi/Diary of a Lost Girl
1930: All Quiet on the Western Front*
1931: The Front Page/City Lights
1932: Shanghai Express/Freaks
1933: I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang/King Kong
1934: It Happened One Night*
1935: Top Hat/A Night at the Opera
1936: Mr. Deeds Goes to Town/My Man Godfrey
1937: The Awful Truth/Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs
1938: The Adventures of Robin Hood
1939: Gone With the Wind*/The Women
1940: The Great Dictator/The Thief of Bagdad
1941: Citizen Kane
1942: The Magnificent Ambersons/Holiday Inn
1943: Casablanca*

Now, I hope to be more organized in upcoming Tuesdays With Oscar articles.  I will also have to rework some of my earlier entries, but all in good time...

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