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Thoughts on My Blog's Third Anniversary

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Once, Twice, Three Years A Critic

March 1, 2009.   Rick's Cafe Texan officially opened to the public, and since then I've written 544 articles (counting this one).

The majority of them have been film reviews, ranging from silent films (1915's The Birth of A Nation) to silent films (2011's The Artist).  I have covered other aspects of film.  There have been tributes both for birthdays to remembrances at the passing of people both famous and unknown.

I've had a few television reviews, most on my favorite science-fiction show (and one of my few concessions to Nerdom): River Song (formerly known as Doctor Who), but also on some television movies/miniseries, and my thoughts on the Academy Awards

In fact, the River Song (formerly known as Doctor Who) reviews managed to get a spin-off blog: Gallifrey Exile.  I haven't been as diligent on that one as I've been here, mainly because my love for the newer seasons has tapered off.   The reasons, however, are for another time.

Add to that some Private Thoughts on a wide variety of topics as well as Personal Reflections and a few film retrospectives.  Then there is the faltering work on The Essentials and a retrospective on every Best Picture Oscar winner.  Also, I've manage to write a monthly salute to Great Directors.

I say manage because I'm amazed at my output given that I have a job.   I am blessed with a full-time job at the El Paso Public Library, so I usually have to write my reviews before work or after.  That has led to a lot of sleepless nights, and as a result I tend to fall behind. 

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I've always considered this site almost as a public service.  People work too hard to spend money on bad films like Green Lantern or 2010's Robin Hood.  They also may not be aware of genuinely good films like Senna or An Education, so I like to contribute to the discussion. 

I, like you, pay to see these films.  As a result, I've spent probably thousands of dollars here, and sometimes the money has been poorly used (The Hangover Part II) and sometimes I have found myself being the only person in the theater (as was the case with Countdown to Zero or the remake of Brighton Rock). 

It can be a lonely job sometimes, and one negative is that it's so rare when I see a film just for the pleasure of it.

Still, this is something I enjoy, something I gain great pleasure from.  As my mother says, I do it for the love of the art. 

One thing all readers of Rick's Cafe Texan* can be assured of is that this slightly cantankerous yet loving guy will always speak his mind and not censor himself (though I think I should work on being less wordy).

This day is a time of celebration.  On this the Third Anniversary of Rick's Cafe Texan, I will celebrate by doing something rare: going to the movies just for the sheer pleasure of it. 

Lest I forget, I take this opportunity to thank YOU, the reader.  Whether you've agreed or disagreed with me, I am honored that you've taken time either for personal or professional reasons, to listen in and look over my various thoughts on film and culture.  It is a great honor, one that I am humbled by. 

I hope to do good work, but above all else, I really am so happy that people care enough about film to read the thoughts of some guy from West Texas, who loves film and enjoys going into long discourses on it.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all.

Now, let's move on to more great movies, great discoveries in film and television.  The creative mind still works, and at heart I'm an optimist.  Join me in raising your glass to these three glorious years, and as toast, I offer the words of the great Orson Welles:


*2018 Update: The Online Film Critics Society requested changes, and among them were a change in name.  Now, while officially Rick's Texan Reviews, part of me is still very fond of Rick's Cafe Texan.

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  1. Amen to that! I agree with catching up with older stuff. I'm stuck in the backwoods of Germany myself, so going to the cinema isn't logistically feasible a lot of the time. I'm very much looking forward to the rest of your Bond retrospective, by the way.


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