Saturday, August 1, 2020

Summer Under the Stars 2020 Blogathon

Summer Under the Stars – Journeys in Classic Film

Despite my misgivings on this year's Summer Under the Stars programming, I am thrilled and delighted to once again participate in the Summer Under the Stars Blogathon sponsored by Journeys in Classic Film. Kristen Lopez is a reviewer whom I deeply respect, if not always agree with, and she has been gracious enough to invite me to participate for another year.

Heaven knows why: last year I suspect I drove her crazy submitting for every day's player. This year, mercifully, I'm limiting myself to just reviews. I thank her for the chance to submit reviews for this year's SUTS, something I look forward to every year.

Here is a catalog of my submissions:

August 02: Rock Hudson (Written on the Wind) *
August 05: Ann Miller (Mulholland Drive)
August 09: Goldie Hawn (Protocol) *
August 11: Sammy Davis, Jr. (A Man Called Adam) *
August 12: Lana Turner (Peyton Place) *
August 13: John Barrymore (Marie Antoinette) **
August 15: Nina Foch (Mahogany)
August 16: Cary Grant (Blonde Venus)
August 17: Maureen O'Hara (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) *
August 18: Warren Beatty (Ishtar)
August 19: Dolores del Rio (Madame Du Barry) *
August 20: William Powell (The Last Command)
August 22: Natalie Wood (Brainstorm) */***
August 23: Olivia de Havilland: A Personal Remembrance***
August 28: Paul Henreid (Now, Voyager) *
August 29: Eva Marie Saint (The Sandpiper) *
August 30: Charlton Heston (The Agony and the Ecstasy)

* Indicate films shown for that star's day.
** Indicate films shown but for another star's day: Marie Antoinette is part of Norma Shearer's Day.
***Indicates not a submission for the Blogathon but which I will write for myself.

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