Friday, May 23, 2014

The Near-Disasters Volume I: 1914-2008

I wish I could forget these films...
and most Steven Moffat stories.

In the course of human events, I have found that there were some films that were really, really bad.  The following films earned a D-, which means that they are near-disasters.  They may have at least one thing that makes them tolerable, but by and large they are so hideous they should be burned (not onto a DVD).

A D- film is one that teeters dangerously close to being unwatchable, but perhaps has something, ANYTHING, that saves it from being a total disaster (hence, near-disaster).  On the whole, these films really should be avoided, though some cannot be.  A couple won Best Picture (inexplicably so to my mind) and a couple are from the James Bond and Star Trek franchises (so if you want to watch all of them, you have to suffer greatly).  Apart from that, these films...just skip them.  They aren't worth it.

Next Time: The D- Films from 2009-2014...a sad and sorry and lengthy list.

Too Low?  Too High?  Let me know and I'll take a "Second Look".

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