Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Pretty Bad Films Volume I: 1914-2008

At first I thought I wouldn't have enough Pretty Bad Films to have a separate list.  I had planned to put those D+ films that came before 2009 and after together.  A second count showed that there were indeed enough to make two lists.

A D+ Film is one that suffers from an excess of ambition.  I think they are pretty bad and not worth taking time to watch.  There might be one or two things within it that might be good (cinematography, acting) but by and large these films are...pretty bad.   In short, while there might be something within them that could make them tolerable if someone else wants to show it to you, by and large these are films you should avoid. 

Next time, the Pretty Bad Films released after 2009. 

Too low?  Too high?  Let me know and I'll take a "Second Look". 

* These films have something in common with Jonathan Manziel (I won't call him Johnny, let alone "Johnny Football").  Both have talent in them, and great potential, but both are also pretty much trash, filled with raging ego, even arrogance that mock their aspirations and sense of self-importance.

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