Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Near-Disasters Volume II: 2009-2014


Sadly, we've reached a point in our series where we simply have too many bad movies to go over.  They are ugly (just like River Song), they are pointless (just like River Song), and they have been a waste of our time (just like, well, you know).

What makes these particular films not just failures, but failures of epic proportions?  Good question; part of it I think is failure of ambition.  There was simply too much of it.  Some of these films are so stuffed with information and exposition that the actual story gets drowned out.  You have some awful acting, incoherent directing, stories that don't make any sense.

Some of them tried to be serious and deep but only ended up laughable.  Those that were intended to be laughable were instead rather sad, the comedy forced, dumb, predictable, and unnatural.  These films were lazy, trying to make things funny rather than letting the situation make things funny. 

IF they have a common denominator, I think it is that they hold the audience in contempt.  They think too little of us as viewers.  These films think we are stupid: that we have to have emotions spoon-fed to us rather than trust us to feel because of the story or acting.  They think we are stupid because they throw lots of lights and flash and pretty people at us and we're suppose to get excited over it.   These films aren't even good enough to be guilty pleasures.  Instead, they are just guilty: of poor execution, of creating by committee (too many chefs in the kitchen), of clumsiness or just laziness.  While there might be one or two things within them that are good (say an actor who tried to make things work), by and large these films are things you should avoid. 

Next time, the closing to this particular series, the Worst Films from 1914-2008 that I have been misfortunate enough to see. 

Too low?  Too high?  Let me know and I'll take a "Second Look".

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