Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Below Average Films Volume II: 2009-2014

Having covered the weak/bad films prior to the opening of our café, we now turn our attention to those films which displeased me in some way.  I'm not saying that these films are absolutely terrible.  There are some redeeming qualities (a particular piece of acting, cinematography, costumes, or something else) but not enough for me to give it a passing grade.

In short, the following films were, to my mind, failures and thus, not good films, or at least good enough.  Some are overrated, some are failures of ambitions, and some simply have more negatives than positives.  Others simply had good ideas rattling within them, but couldn't figure a way to get them out.

Again, they are not terrible, but they are not good or at least as good as they could have been.

Next time, the D+ Films: Bad Movies with some good things in them, but not enough to redeem them or be worth watching. 

Too high?  Too low?  Let me know in the Comments and I'll take a "Second Look" to reevaluate my grade.


  1. Can't disagree with you about The Hunger Games. The was way over hyped unless the viewer is either a teenage girl or have read the book, because the movie was lacking. Catching Fire on the other hand was actually a lot of fun.

    I do, however, disagree with several of your ratings on list, although I believe I have suggested enough movies already for second viewings.

    I will say that seeing well below average movies like Red Tails and The Legend of Hercules along side some really good movies a little mind boggling, but everyone has an opinion.


    1. James, you've made two suggestions, hardly a massive overload. If there is/are others, feel free to suggest them. Remember, the entire point is to see if maybe on a second viewing I see if I missed something.

    2. In that case, I will think of more movies for you to take a second look of. I will have to think about it, but I will return with some picks for a second look.


    3. Based on reactions from others, I have a sense X-Men: First Class will be one of them (though not official until mentioned). That's another one I get grief over. Remember: school's over and I have now lots of free time!

    4. Yes, First Class is one of the movies that I believe you rated too low, so I say that should be a good pick for a second look.

      Additionally, I will on the other end of the spectrum and say that you overrated Pixar's Up. I know everyone except for myself absolutely adores the movie, but aside from The Incredibles and Toy Story, Pixar movies rarely impress me, and Up is the one that I only consider average at best.

      By the way, I assume you have not reviewed The Dark Knight, since it is not in your arrives. It would be fun to hear your thoughts on it sometime though. My opinion of the movie is kind of odd since, even though I enjoy it, I fully support anyone that dislikes or gives negative reviews. Basically, my opinion is complicated.


    5. School kept me from doing a Batman retrospective, so I haven't reviewed it. In fact, I haven't seen it since it came out, so my opinion (not a high one) may have changed.

      I DO plan an X-Men Retrospective to go w/ Days of Future Past, so First Class could get at least a re-watch before DOFP comes out (I haven't reviewed the first three, but here's a hint: I LOVED 1 & 2, HATED 3).

      As for UP, done...marked on my Watch List.


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