Friday, May 16, 2014

The Pretty Bad Films Volume II: 2009-2014

My general theory is that bad films from the past are forgotten pretty quickly, and thus I have so few D+ Films prior to the opening of Rick's Café Texan.  A few of them will still be around only because they are part of franchises (James Bond, Harry Potter, and Star Trek for example).  HOWEVER, like some awful plagues (or Jonathan Manziel), I can only pray that these frightful things will be forgotten very, very soon and slip into the obscurity they deserve to be in.

That isn't to say that these films (like Manziel) don't have talent behind them.  However, these films failed for a variety of reasons.  Some were excess of ambition.  Some were excess of arrogance.  Some were just inept, and some weren't even trying. 

Now, these films might have something worth admiring or respecting within them, but the flaws are simply too great to have whatever qualities they do possess lift them to average, let alone greatness.

Just like Johnny Manziel.

With that, the D+ Films released between 2009 to 2014.

Next time, the D- Films: those that are inches away from being total disasters.

Too Low?  Too High?  Leave a message and I'll take a 'Second Look'.

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